Love a Tree Day!

Today is Love a Tree Day . . . the day to show your love for trees, Trees are important to all of us on a global level. Why?

  • Trees and forests provide homes for many types of animals and plants – some highly endanagered.
  • Tree roots help prevent erosion,
  • Trees help cleanse the air of pollutants
  • Trees help keep the climate on an even keel
  • Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air and store large quantities of it within themselves
  • Trees provide something pretty too look
  • Trees provide cool shade on a hot summer day



Trees also provide raw material for construction, cooking and heating fuel. Unfortunately those needs coupled with man’s desire to continually build and expand has resulted in millions of trees being destroyed. By doing so, man has destroyed animal homes, created more polluted air (less trees to keep it clean), and less protection against soil erosion. Is it always a good thing to cut down trees in the name of progress?

Ideas on how to celebrate the day:

  1. Hug a tree.
  2. Water your tree
  3. Make and hang some wildlife-friendly ornamentation
  4. Plant a tree or two or three
  5. Add a tree (or donation) to a wildlife sanctuary

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