Are Stripes Disappearing?


Grevy’s zebras at play


  • Since 1970, the Grevy’s Zebra population has declined from 15,000 down to around 750 in the wild.
  • There are three types of Zebra: Grevy (pictured above – endangered); Plains and Mountain (highly vulnerable)
  • Grevy’s Zebras are the largest of the three zebra species
  • Grevy’s Zebras are solitary, other Zebras live in herds which are made of several individual families, called Harems
  • Each animal’s stripes are as unique as fingerprints
  • Zebras communicate with barks, brays, sniffs and snorts
  • Zebras are active during the day
  • Zebras can run up 40 mph (64 km/hr)

EIGHT WAYS TO Save the Zebras from extinction

  1. HABITAT – Increase size of habitat
  2. SAFARI HUNTS – The Grevy’s Zebra is protected against hunters. Violators severely punished with fines and imprisonment
  3. POACHERS – Stiffen penalties (fines and jail time) for people who kill for financial gain
  4. TOURISM – Limit amount of time tourist are allowed observing zebras, as tourists disrupt the mating and feeding of Zebras
  5. STIFFER FINES – Drivers are hitting and killing mothers and children on roads – stiffer fines with potential of loss of driver’s license to encourage observant drivers
  6. MONITORING – Long-term monitoring to learn more about the behaviors and needs
  7. RESERVES – Better management within reserves
  8. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT – Establish further community-run conservancies
  9. SUPPORT CONSERVATION – Grevy’s Zebra Trust, WAZA Conservation Project ,

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