Austin’s Best Kept Secret?

With my latest book published, I needed a break. Being an award-winning, yet starving author/photographer, I wanted to find something fun and inexpensive to do. I love animals and taking their pictures, so my daughter and I decided to visit the Austin Zoo (only $9!).

No, it can’t compare to the San Diego Zoo (which costs a whole lot more), but the Austin Zoo, located just SW of the city limits, does have some beautiful animals (see photos below), a great layout and no crowds! The Austin Zoo must be Austin’s best kept secret!

peacock-kathy mackenzie-animal photographer

Young peacock

wolf-kathy mackenzie-animal photographer

Eli is a Wolf Hybrid rescued from deplorable conditions after Hurricane Ike.

monkey-kathy mackenzie-animal photographer

Juliette is a 20 year old Patas Monkey

mountain coati-kathy mackenzie-animal photographer

Meet Maddie, a 5 year old Mountain Coati

monkey-kathy mackenzie photographer

Monkey-kathy mackenzie photographer

Capuchin Monkey

monkey-kathy mackenzie-photographer

26-year old Capuchin Monkey named Mulder.

peacock-kathy mackenzie


Lion-kathy mackenzie

18 year old Solomon

peacock-kathy mackenzie

Male Peacock

bengal tiger-kathy mackenzie

12-year-old Caesar, the Bengal Tiger.

bengal tiger-kathy mackenzie

Caesar, 12-year-old tiger

Coatimundi-kathy mackenzie

Taz, 19 year old White Nosed Coatimundi

That’s why I was shocked to learn they had recently been robbed. The thieves took money desperately needed to feed the animals and provide them vet care – a lion pictured above and a giant tortoise (not photographed) are undergoing vet care right now. If you know anything about this, the zoo is offering a $5000 reward. Below is their posting:

$5,000 Reward!

Austin Zoo friends, we need your help! We’re offering a $5,000 dollar reward for information that will lead to the arrest of the person or persons that broke into our offices and stole cash and valuable equipment valued in excess of $25,000. Please contact us at 512 288 1490 or with any information. Thanks for the tremendous support!


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