Dog Owners – This is for you!

Wolfdog Photo

Rescued from deplorable conditions after Hurricane Ike, Eli is a “wolfdog” – half dog, half wolf.

The dog days of summer are here and National Dog Day is August 26th. This day serves to remind people to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, The dog above, Eli, was part of pack found in deplorable conditions after they were abandoned by their owner during Hurricane Ike.  Eli is actually a wolf hybrid, commonly known as a “wolfdog,” as a result of mating between a wolf and dog. Rescuers nursed the entire pack back to health, and now they live happily at the Austin Zoo.

If you are a dog owner, and love your dog as a member of the family, make some special plans to spend time with your four-legged best friend on August 26th. How about a swim in a creek or a day at the park? Whatever you do, take photos to remember your special time. Should you happen to live near Austin, Texas, just call Feather and Fur Photographers, they are offering free dog photo shoots ($299 value) for the entire month and that way you’ll get great photos while making happy memories and spending priceless time with your furry buddy. 


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