How is Feather and Fur different from other pet photographers?

Feather and Fur Photography is different from most pet photographers in five ways:

1-We only photograph pets!
Many ‘pet photographers’ also do weddings, graduations, etc. We photograph animals (OK, maybe an occasional pet owner gets in some shots). Animals are our only true subjects.

2-Most Pets are welcome!
Feather and Fur does not limit the service to dogs and/or cats. We work with any feathered or furry pet you have, including dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, gerbils,
rabbits, goats, horses or even pot-bellied pigs! (We’ll even do some reptiles, call us.)

3-We come to you!
Feather and Fur saves you time and hassle. OK, most dogs love rides. But let’s face it, does your cat like car rides? Ours hate it, and usually show it by producing
bodily fluids in the car. Or, how can you even transport your pet goat, exotic large bird, camel or championship horse to a studio without a lot of hassle? Forget it.
Feather and Fur saves you time and hassle. We come to you, to capture your pet in his/her natural environment.

4-More Choices! 
Like other photographers, Feather and Fur offers digital images, beautiful prints and gallery wraps . . . but that’s just the beginning! How about a metallic print? A
blanket? A cherry wood keepsake box? Be sure to check out all the choices Feather and Fur Photography gives you to keep your cherished pet’s image with you forever.

5-Natural Environment = True Pet Personality!
Feather and Fur prevents your cherished pet from enduring unneeded stress that results from being in unfamiliar surroundings. Because your pet is comfortable, this results in photographs capturing his/her true personality!

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