What’s the process leading up to the Photo Shoot?

Step 1 Click on the “Ready to schedule your pet’s photo shoot” form found throughout this website to choose your preferred appointment time.

Step 2 You will be contacted by phone with details about your pet’s photo shoot. Afterwards, you will be sent a secure online link using paypal for payment of the
creative fee. No appointments are confirmed until the creative fee is received. (Due to limited availability, dates go fast).

Step 3Think about what you want as a result of the photo shoot. What type of photograph? Browse through the many products (all can be found on this website)
that can be custom ordered with your pet’s image. Perhaps a memory blanket to wrap yourself in? A cherry wood keepsake box to keep tags or other mementos in?
A ceramic tile for your pet’s final resting place? Write down any questions you have, that you haven’t found answered on the website.

Step 4: The day of the shoot, be sure your pet has been fed and had some exercise prior to the photographer’s arrival.

Step 5Meet your photographer in your home to discuss your goals for the shoot, and have all of your questions answered. A plan is created for the photo shoot
while the photographer bonds with your pet.

Step 6 Lights. Camera. Action! Our photographer comes to your home, plays with and photographs your pet, while having lots of fun. You are welcome, and
encouraged, to participate in the photo shoot, getting your pet’s attention, playing, and just having a good time!

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