About Kathy



Feather and Fur Photography is a natural progression for Kathy MacKenzie, who began photographing animals as a child. At seven years of age, Kathy brought home her first cat, Thomasina, and that started her love and appreciation of animals. Whenever Kathy sees an animal, she can’t help but smile. Should an  animal happen to be in danger, Kathy leaps into action to rescue it from harms way, usually without a thought to her own safety.  Maybe that’s stupid, but it has saved many animals, and rarely has it resulted in personal injury.


Over the years, Kathy has been a mother to dogs, cats, rodents, birds and some wild animals as well: sometimes as full-time mom, sometimes as long-term foster mom. She also spends time volunteering for animal rescue groups, has served as an animal handler on TV and movie sets and is a certified wildlife rescuer. Kathy loves animals. She is based near Austin, Texas and travels to San Diego frequently to photograph animals (and visit friends and family).

Her own pets are her furry children. If you feel the same way about your pet, Kathy understands and looks forward to meeting you and providing you with photographs of your feathered or furry family member that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life!

2 thoughts on “About Kathy

  1. Hello Kathy-
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and deciding to “follow” my thoughts and photos about Nature. I appreciate your interest, and hope you will join in some of the conversations to share your thoughts about the natural sciences.

    Best wishes to you for a Happy 2015, I appreciate your interest and care for animals; you are very kind.

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